Pink dot in Object mode?

Ok- I’ve been messing around with Blender ALOT lately (only thing I do on the computer now :P) and I’ve been having some problems when manipulating my objects in the object mode. You know the little purple dot that floats around your meshes? Well, whenever I rotate, or resize a mesh, it does everything AROUND that dot- meaning if I rotate on an axis, it rotates it on the apporpriate axis, but around that dot. Now this I can understand- but my question is HOW can I move the damned thing around? Or if it’s possible (which I’m doubting) move it. I would really like to just center the dang thing on the mesh, but like I said, I don’t know how. Thanks :P.

Oh- and what is this dot called? Thanks.

Leetsauce ;). Thanks :D.