Pink Haze


I am still relatively new to Blender and ran into a odd render issue. Normally, if you have a problem with your texture paths, Blender will turn objects bright pink. But I have a slightly different issue… suddenly, from one render to the next, the whole scene has a certain pinkish haze to it… The objects still have all their correct textures showing, but the whole scene is lit pinkish…

I’ve checked all the lights (an area, and a spot) and the colors are neutral. I double checked the handful of texture maps (most everything is procedural) and nothing wrong there… I am stuck. Every time I try to render its just a late 80’s rave scene in there…

Any ideas???

Ok ok… I looked in World settings and Background looked ok. But when I clicked the little ball icon the preview window suddenly flashed pink for a second. So I removed what was there and everything rendered black. I then re-loaded the background (neutral color) and it works again…

No clue how that happened or why the preview wasnt showing PINK when there was a problem there. I wonder how it even go that way???

Anyway, problem solved - for now :wink:

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I’ve seen a similar effect when the HDR image is missing from the world system. Do you have an HDRI in the scene? If so check that the image texture is still valid.


EDIT: I see you solved it! Good job!

Yes Daffyd, Thanks! I solved this one… but I have many many more problems :wink:

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When you solve a problem, be sure to “close the loop” in the forum thread and explain to The Peanut Gallery™ what the problem turned out to be and how you solved it. So that the next poor soul who searches for this thread and finds it – perhaps many years from now – will find the solution that he seeks within this thread. Otherwise, “much frustration will result!”

Got it… Missed the “solution” button… Cheers!