Pink overlay when rendering in any video formats


I have created a Coffin creator in blender for a Cardboard Coffin company. I have a turntable animation all set up. All they have to do is render and adjust textures when they want. It is all working my end on PC, but when they try and render on Mac they get a pink overlay (see below).

Their render

My Render

I have got them to send me the file they were using, just in case they had changed something, but it all renders fine my end.

Note: When they render a single frame it looks fine. Although rendering as an image sequence is not an option as they do not have the knowledge to do so. And they want full control.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated

This is an issue that I had also a while back on my Mac. I seem to remember it was the animation movie format being used. I changed the output format from Quicktime to something else (sorry, can’t remember what I format I changed to…) and it disappeared. But it no longer happens in the latest versions of Blender. Have them update and give it another try.

Thanks for the information. Sadly they updated to the newest version of blender yesterday with no effect. I will get them to try some more formats tomorrow and see if that works.

I should probably mention that idealy we want it as Flash because it is going to be used on the web. Although this is not essential as they could use a free conversion software. So far they have tried Flash, Avi Raw, and all variants of MPEG-4.

Thanks again, I’ll give an update tomorrow.

The client is still getting the pink overlay after trying all the available formats with 24 frame test renders.

Does anyone know of a any other solutions?

Could you attach a blend with packed textures so we can try.

Is it definitely a render problem, and not a playback issue?

Yes it is definately a render problem. Sadly I don’t have permission to pass on the file as it has been made specificly for a company. I think I’m just going to have to try and figure it out myself. Thanks for the help anyway. I will post an answer if I find one.