Pink Salt?

I’m sorta new and would like to make some pink salt for the inside of this jar
Here’s my reference photo:úde_flea_market%2C_São_Paulo%2C_Brazil.jpg/220px-Himalayan_salt_of_Saúde_flea_market%2C_São_Paulo%2C_Brazil.jpg
(new users can only put one image per post… lul)

I guess what I’m most confused about is how to get a different colour for the individual grains. Also, can I get a bunch of separate looking grains without a particle system? (my computer is old and can’t really handle a particle system.)
Thank you~


There are several methods to solve this. You could use a particle system, which as you stated yourself, is resource consuming.

If you use it there’s an object info node which let’s you manipulate the input of different objects which use the same material (edit: im not sure if that works with particle systems, but you could also experiment the particle node)

A better way would be using a set of textures to make an idea of a material. I used a texture of stones here and colorized them with a color ramp to give them the pink salt look.
The normal map gives depth so it doesn’t look flat, but be aware if you use normal maps you hat to set it to “non-color”.
Normal maps are used to “fake” depth details so you dont have to model them by hand and they use less resources to render them.
The texture was taken from, which is a great resource btw.