pink tanky

(pikilipita) #1
Well, i’ll use this tank in a animation promoting peace on earth.

(ookami77) #2

Cute little tank… maybe you could have flowers sprouting from the cannons… hehe… Nice detail and cartoony rendering.

(pikilipita) #3

No, there won’t be flowers in the double cannon.
Be sure it will be full of real ammo.
& the pilot will be a pinguin screaming:
" Peace on earth ? NEVER !".
– kind of a bast taste story–

(paradox) #4

Cool I like it.

(S68) #5

Cute, I like it, but me too thinks some flowers would be nice :slight_smile:


(bmax) #6

a pink tank? what an idea… :smiley: that made me laugh so hard!! rotfl - a pink tank…hihohehihahiehiehoahe!!!hahahahaahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

luv the modeling, and the idea is so absurd its funny!! :smiley: 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(pikilipita) #7

a new preview:
no lights, no texture effects, no shadows…
I like it this way.
time to think aniilmation now !

(valarking) #8

what cel shading method do you use?

(pikilipita) #9

tutorial :

create a mesh.
put on it a material with 1.000 of Emit value.
In the render window, use the “edge setting” option.

no light needed.

bytheway , i don’t know what 's the use of the RGB color values in the
edge setting window.
If someone can tell me…

Hope it will help you.

(marf) #10

nice tank

if you turn on unified render (bottom right in render options) the rgb value changes the colour of the cartoon outlines.

(S68) #11


Can do the same pressing the shadeless button :slight_smile:


(bmax) #12

ton travaille est tres bon! j’aime le style de l’image. il est interessant. continue, je veux voir l’animation quel tu prepares.

  • i hope that made sense - my french isnt that good :wink:

(pikilipita) #13

don’t worry, your french is very good.

Here 's the first video preview of my tanky :

video codec is Div-x 5.02

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

(basse) #14

i do.

like your style!


(paradox) #15

cool the animation really brings it together. Like the tank and the style.

(S68) #16

Very sweet :slight_smile:

I like your style a lot.


(djfuego) #17

J’obtiens un sentiment étrange de …dejavue quand je regarde l’animation. Ahh il il commande et Conqour. Bon travail!. Quand pouvons-nous voir le jeu fini?

And that was a bit of a mouthfull.

(bmax) #18

thanx man!! its good to hear that i am actually capable of saying SOMETHING in french without getting it wrong!

(z3r0 d) #19

Changing the colors in the display buttons of the edge settings seems to only take effect if you use the ‘unified renderer’ (also in display buttons)

beyond that I have no idea why somebody would want to use the ‘unified renderer’

any Ideas? or places that would explain…