Pink texture when file is not missing

So… in the following screen shot you will see my dual monitors. on the left side shows 3dsmax using the model obj and the texture file that blender keeps telling me its “missing” or pink. I did this just to see if their was anything wrong with the file. These are the files I will be using in blender, and are the ones giving me trouble.

the right screen shows the folder at the top left from where i’m dragging and dropping the texture file into blender bottom middle panel in the shader tab. (both the .blend file and the texture file are highlighted) I then link the “color” from the image texture box to the “base color” circle. as soon as i do this the model goes pink.

almost making this post earlier gave me the idea of trying a different search string “reasons for pink texture in blender” I thought i would be able to find other reasons that models go pink in blender. wasn’t successful. I really only keep seeing “pink means the texture files is missing” so i just checked to see if changing all the paths to absolute then to relative then back to absolute would help and no…

I really do not understand why this is giving me trouble. This should work… AAAAAHHH!!!

I’m going to just keep trying things… this is such a ridiculous time killer. i mean i love blender but i dont want to have to learn more 3dsM just to make a fan film for Planetside 2.

maybe share your file (just the head and don’t forget to pack the image):

ok i think i did that correctly

You haven’t packed the image called, are you sure it’s not missing?

damn, I went to File/external data/pack all into .blend
then saved, then uploaded.

but i’ve also never done that before so i’m not sure how to even check if i did it right.
Here’s a dropbox link with both files. with this particular problem might be better to have the file seperatly maybe?

So I guess it’s a problem with this dds format (I don’t know what it is), don’t you have a PNG or JPG?

i actually just installed gimp (cuz photoshop wouldnt take it) and it loaded in gimp and i just converted it to a png and am about to try it…

yep… worked smoothly… So i guess I’ll have to see which is faster… going and converting all the texture that dont open in blender in gimp first… or trying to load all the models and textures in 3ds and then exporting them to blender maybe?

just confused me why they work in 3ds and not blender? maybe I might send blender an email or bug report or something?

anyway thank you much for helping check for me so now I know its not just me being an idiot.

you should do so researches on that: .DDS files with Blender?

I checked and the problem was the DDS as @moonboots said…
It comes from it just being an old DDS format… that hasn’t been used for a while…a lot of these come from Older games…and if it is going back into a game then they need to be opened and re-saved as .dds but if just being used in Blender…then converting to .png is the way to go. In gimp or I prefer IrfanView for this, you can batch convert the files to a png and then just delete all the DDS.

The .dds can be a Packed DDS where different maps for the game engine can save different info into the RGB and Alpha channels…like the newer ones R and G channels can be the Normal Map, while the B can be roughness and a Grunge map in the alpha…but now .png can do the same thing…

yeah I read that post… but it dates before this one

and since that one was two years ago and it said blender could open them I assumed i was doing something incorrect

thanks for the IrfanView tip. I was really not looking forward to converting one at a time in gimp.

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