Pinkeyed Potato Mode...

All i wanted to do is switch to Potato Mode by pressing ALT Z.
I hit the wrong key somehow.
Now my Scene looks like this…

Its like itchy Pinkeye or something…
how to make it normal again??


It’s a normal view
It’s just that the pink faces don’t have a UV texture or colour assigned yet

Thats odd,

The UV Coords where still there, but somehow the Image was erased.
It was still aviable as an Image Object and linked as Texture but all Pixels
in it where gone.
I had to Load the Same Picture again and Relink the UV Coordinates to the New Image Object. Reloading didnt worked either.

Its a litle bit freightning to now that you can erase pixels with a wrong keystroke, and didnt even get a warning. I still wonder what key it was…