Pinning a curve

Blender 2.8. I want to animate curves with softbody physics to make rope, hosepipe etc. I would use cloth modifier but with softbody, not cloth, seems to be the only option available. Normally, when I animate cloth, I can create a vertex group in the cloth mesh for pinning and these vertices are what attach to a another object from old-fashioned parenting. The remainder of cloth flows freely as per simulation.
But I can’t figure out how to “pin” and individual control point of a curve object. This means that once the curve (e.g. subdivided bezier) has had softbody added, I’m don’t then know how to go about tying the end of the hose to a wall, and the whole curve therefore keeps falling onto whatever collision objects it finds.

Googling results had mention of setting goal weights for control points? I haven’t managed to get this to work.

How can I pin the end of my curve (e.g. hose or rope) to another mesh item?

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