Pinning animation

Hi, im using the latest blender builds. Im trying to create an animated flag, which should fall at the end.

The problem is i can animate the pinning atribute in cloth panel, but the simulation isnt affected. Am i missing something, or pinning cant be animated?

If not, is there any other solution to do this? I guess i could make another animation, but how can i set the state of the cloth to the shape of the last animation baked.

Thanks in advance!

I ve found the same problem (is it a bug?)
have you found out a solution for this ?

To set the state of the cloth to any point in the simulation, go to that frame, and make sure it shows how you want in the 3D view. On the modifier’s panel, hit “Apply” on the cloth sim modifier. That should bake that frames result into the mesh. IIRC, you can also “Apply as Shape Key”.

As for changing the vert group used as the pinning channel, even though the interface let’s you do it, I’m making a strong guess that the simulator won’t use that information and only checks at the beginning. Would be a very cool use if it worked that way though.

Whoops, ignore the blend file, misread your question. but i do have an answer. You can add a driver to the pinning weight of the vertex group. My suggestion is add a property “pinned” keyframe it to 1 and then set it to zero when you want the flag to drop.

Well In theory that sounded great… How about using another cloth sim as the hem of the flag…bake it dropping when you want the flag to drop and use vertex hooks to drag the flag down… reckon that’ll work… it “should” give the indication of being heavier than the flag as it will appear to drag the flag down.

I misread too. I thought you wanted to actually switch the pinning vertex group. If you try keying the pinning weight, please post back and let us know if/how well it worked.

Hmmm had to have a go…

Here’s one way to do it… had to use an armature to get it to go… the pole bone is constrained to the cube which drops via a cloth sim. Which if “cleaned up” with a spline armature controlled by the dropping meshes vertexes should give a good sim.