Pinning the base of a hat

Hi everyone.

I am doing an animation of a Snowman and I am currently working on using a bones setup to move the dangling part of a Xmas hat. I tried using cloth physics with collision setup but I could not get the bobble at the end to ‘stick’ to the rest of the hat properly.

I am using a small bone rig to manually sway the bobble as the snowman’s head moves. However when I move some of the bones it keeps moving parts of the object that I have applied weight painting to. I also tried using vertex groups to pin the bottom of the hat into position.

No matter what I try I can’t quite seem to figure this out, every time I move the bones in pose mode the base of the hat keeps being displaced. I would greatly appreciate any tips you guys may have.

I would guess that it’s a weight paint issue where maybe one or more of the bones accidentally has a speck painted on the lower part. Try selecting the vertex group you’ve painted on and unassign the two edge loops closest to the base.

Another way would be to add a parent bones to the first one, that just sits still with a heavy weight paint for the base edge loops…

Other than that I’d have to see the actual blend file to be of much use…

Vertex weighting applies to influence between bones. So you need a bone that stays put and has the base of the hat’s vertices assigned to it. Max weighted vertices will stay with it. Vertices sharing influence between that base bone and the animated bone above it will deform between the two as per the weighting.

Hope this helps. Welcome to BA Forums.


No worries what so ever. I don’t mind dual answers either. I’m an eternal student of Blender and sometimes the different ways of explain the same thing or something similar always helps in finding the easiest and most enjoyable way of conveying functional information.

The biggest reason I like this Blender forum is that it fosters a sense of getting satisfaction from seeing others resolve their issues. As if there is a trusted safety nets that frees you to try more difficult things you’d otherwise feel overpowering in complexity.
I hope @TheScotsman found the cause, and beyond that… happy Blending to all! :slight_smile: