Pinning with the Molecular Script Addon - some ideas and more questions

In some vidoes featuring PyroEvil’s Molecular Script, you can see it being applied to twisted ropes.
(, by PE himself or by CGMatter)

I was wondering how this was done, as there is no option for pinning in the addon itself.

Option 1: Create a collision object keeping the particles that are to be pinned in place.
That’s the method I found in a tutorial video by BlenderRookie. (
This method works well for static particle meshes, like the net simulated here.

Problems start when you want to move the whole object. Depending on the rigidity of the molecular mesh, the object follows the pinning object more or less well.

Option 2: Create a second Molecular particle system, just filling the pinning object. Set this particle system to maximum stiffness, so that it follows the pinning object better. Set it and the “original” Molecular particle system to “linking with others”.

Now it gets problematic, when the pin object isn’t of a form that is simple to create. Simple boxes are easy to make into a grid-particle system… but everything else - not to speak about curved surfaces - are difficult to achive.

Sadly it does not seem to be possible with the current Blender system to create static particle systems that would stick to a moving emitter object.

So, these are the two possibilities I found. Both are not easy to implement and rather limited in practicality.

Does anyone have a better method to achive this?

I’m cracking my head over the same thing, no results yet…