Pinup Fairy

I love fairies So i did some more 2d to 3d its super fun the concept is done by casey robins it was so cool to model this she looks so cute i composited this in blender i was too lazy to use photoshop this time i think she turned out pretty good

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The model is impressive, and the thing I love the most is the way you’ve lit the top screenshot! Looking at the 3D model below almost takes away some of the magic, because of how beautifully that one shot is lit. Especially on the hair- it’s just lovely. Could you share with me how you lit this? I would appreciate it greatly :slight_smile:


Great shape(s) and lighting!

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ah thank you this lighing was quite simple

1 is a simple strong point lamp set smotly so the focus is on the top of the image 2 is a very faint sun lamp shining allmost straight at it to give a bit of light to everything 3 is sun average sunlamp that makes all the shadows and the beutiful bounce lights 4 is the strong backlight and 5 is a giant plane backlight that gives a very smooth backlighing to eveyrthing kinda fake fernel you could say and that other plane is just the backround i didnt use photoshop for this so having a transparent render would be silly

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That is very interesting :slight_smile: Thanks! What is the emission strength of # 5? I would think that because the camera is aimed right at that plane, and it’s very large, it might wash things out, but it looks great!

Absolutely loving it! Thank you for posting the lighting as well, its very informative!

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Wonderful character. You could raise a little right shoulder, but anyway, this is amazing and beautiful :scream: :clap:

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very stylized and creative , well done

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probably very low