Pipe inspection robot

Hi, I need some help getting my materials to look more realistic.

I have attached a photo of the object I’m modeling and the render of my model.
I know I am missing the blue piece at the end of the cable and I’m missing the red rings around the lights. Other than those issues what can I do to improve this?

The render is Blender Internal for now. I’m trying to use Indigo and Luxrender but I keep getting an error (I have a thread in the python section of this forum for anyone curious about my problems there :slight_smile: )

Here is the blend file so you can see the material settings I am using.


Well, since your model is actually pretty acurate i’d work on a scene and lighting first then you can assess what will be the best materials for the lighting, and see where you can go fromthere.

If you want ot get the matials done first i’d recoment playing around with subtle dirt and dust textures, those which affect reflectivity, specularity etc.

I’d also try to keep adding detail to the tyres, there definately is a polygonal look about them.