Pipe mesh to curve path

Hi Guys,

I have a pipe/tube model as a Mesh type. I want to create the curve path along with that pipe/tube Mesh, it will be used for animating the arrows following that curve path. So how to change the mesh pipe to curve path?


You might wan’t to read the docu/ find some tutorial about the Curve-Modifier.

If I understand, you already have some twisty pipes, and you’d like a curve to go down the center of those pipes?
If you’ve got clean topology on the pipes, you might be able to select an edge along the whole pipe with ALT-selecting in edit mode, then Mesh->Separate, go into object mode and select the separated edge and Object->Convert->Curve.
This will give you a curve going along the outside of the pipe. If it has to go along the center, you could tweak the curve with Snap->Volume enabled. If the pipe is really long or twisty, or if there are a bunch of them, this probably isn’t a good method.

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In Edit Mode choose Edge selection type, select any edge that does not go along tube, select edge rings, than edge loops, set pivot point to individual origins and scale to 0, if automerge was disabled merge by distance, convert to curve.