Pipeline, asset and CG manager

He everyone!
In First, I have awful English - but try good speak as I can)

Today I need solution for directing and managering cg-pipeline to 30 workers in all world.
There is what I know.

  1. CerebroHQ - cheap for little team (6$ per month for 1 artist if team have 10 people). Have inside: asset-manager, pipeline-manager, some strange method to work, Ganth diagram, Audiovisual annotations to any files, 30 Gb secure online storage. Not need to support team in our team.
    All what I need for creating CG in team. Not best and comfortable, but can to strong work.

  2. Shotgun - 30$/month per user. Have all what Cerebro, but need programmer team for support. Best for big team, best comfortable. Not cheap :frowning:

  3. Loupa (just released. now have in pre-load). Have all what need to cg, all what have in shotgun. 25$/mont to 1 user :frowning: https://www.tangent-labs.com Not need programmer team in house for work. Comfortable in blender, can use USD format.

  4. Manager what unluded in BlenderCloud, I think is not best and not cheap but can work. Only for blender and only with subcribes for all artists. Its not comfortable.

5) Trello

Now I need cool solution for cg-team. What I forget? May be you know good asset and full pipeline manager? With audio visual review any files, Ganth diagram and task and asset manager?