Pipeline -Node Groups

…I just Upload a Blend file in Zoo-Blender (France Blender Community)
Name of Blend file:
Pipeline 4.blend

Download from here No.1:

This blend file Includes all the Grouped Nodes used in “Elephants Dream”
some others i found in PlumiWiki and a Technicolor i found somewhere here in the Forum in a Blend file!
you can use this as a Pipeline (Data Base) to Append this Grouped -Nodes in your own Projects!

-Browse to Pipeline 4.blend file and click
-Click on Node Tree and you see it all
-append what you like
-next…in the Node Compositor …Add - Group and choose from list
-thats all!

i hope you find this usefull…!

for me it is very Usefull!!

also when you open the Pipeline 4.blend file you see this in Categories and also a free space in the center so you can Drug this in the middle and open to see included Nodes in every Group!
also you can expand this by making your own “Grouped Nodes” and append this in this Pipeline blend file so you can find this if you like to use in some Projects!


Good idea .
Thanks for the file .