Pipeline or render dependencies solution?

Is there a way to pipeline render jobs within a single blender project? I have a project structure which effectively contains this dependency graph:

    -> //path/to/render2
        -> Scene.animation2
            -> //path/to/render1
                -> Scene.animation1
    -> //path/to/render3
        -> Scene.animation3

Clearly, if I change something in Scene.animation1, it will not automatically trickle up to the root scene, I must first render Scene.animation1, then render Scene.animation2. This gets much more complicated and error-prone very quickly as the project size inflates.

What are other people’s solutions to this, besides just memorizing the scene dependencies and manually navigating the UI hitting the render button several consecutive times?

I already use a Makefile for the post-blender workflow, so perhaps the solution here is to use that same Makefile for the intra-blender workflow by calling the blender CLI? The main problem with this approach is that Make relies on file modify timestamp, but a single .blend file has only one such timestamp for all scenes.

Apologies if this has been asked, this topic it practically impossible to search given that the keywords are so overloaded.