Pipeline tool with Blender integration

I am currently working on a Pipeline tool (anchorpoint.app) which is designed like a file browser with a Python API. I was able to start Blender in a background process and able to generate preview images using Eevee. With that I could add a preview to all my .blend files which looks the same when you would open it up in Blender and display it in Material Preview mode.

I am currently thinking about other use cases for automating production. Something like file/ folder templates. Do you have ideas?

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Afaik Blender can store a preview in the blend file, as can be seen in Blender filebrowser, but also in the system file viewer (windows at least). There’s a preference for this:

Should be the matter of retrieving where that pic is stored in the file.
Sadly I can’t help with this

That works as well. By default, the integrated Blender previews are shown. The problem is that they come in a very small resolution. Sometimes that is good enough, but in a lot of cases I wanted to have a better preview which matches the end result.