pipeMARE [0.3.33]

Of course, I love being a beta tester :wink:

Is this addon still in development? (I keep checking :smiley: I love this addon quite a bit).

Improvements are slated in to be implemented right after I release the name-panel rewrite here soon.

How should I unify these pipes under one object? I’m looking to export it as an FBX for my game engine and don’t know how to make it a game ready asset. Any advice would be appreciated.

I keep checking on this addon. It’s a brilliant idea but It’s been quite some time. I see so much potential here!

One Idea I’d love to see, is to have the nest of pipes connect between any two selected bodies of faces. This would be useful and awesome. I think I will dive into the script myself and see what I can do.

Since proxe seems busy with other addons I took the liberty of porting it to 2.80.

pipenightmare.2.80.zip (6.8 KB)


Hey thanks! nice to know someone cares :slight_smile:

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The addon is really neat, thank you. But it would be even better if the pipes were created inside a collection.

Thx, cool…
The pipes appear, but I can’t play with the parameters, it’s like it was grayed ?
test on today build…

This is great. :slight_smile: Thx for sharing.

Here works great! All parameters are OK.

Blender 2.8 (release 10/01/2019)

hope this helps.

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Not work…I sad…

sheesh. that cursor_location to cusor.location drives me nuts

i updated pipenigthmare so that it works with the cursor.location change pipenightmare.zip (6.8 KB)


Thank You, all works!

Just downloaded this for the first time to give it a spin. Soon found out that I can reliably hang Blender by dialing Min Thickness up to 0.14.

Addon: version posted here 3/16 (with fix for cursor_location).
Blender 2.80: nightly, #d5cb425b8745 2019-03-28 17:29
GTX 2070, Windows 10


same, no idea why it happens, i wont fix it though someone else can do that, it would probably take a loot of time to fix since im not familiar with the code.

Ah, yes, sorry 'bout that. Assumed you owned it but that’s not right. It’s a bad bug but, fortunately, pretty avoidable. (If I had to guess I’d say it’s either an easy fix in the addon code or it’s a nasty Blender bug. Either way just leaving my post as an FYI.)


Thanks again Syler for updating, I am going to let this one go, as we have been discussing a more robust solution in hardops/bc/kitops for some time.

@B_Layer The crash is not an easy fix, this tool would need a rewrite to get it in the right direction.

Sure. “Easy”, as I mentioned, was just a guess. (I’ve been a sw dev for a long time and while I have good hunches about these things I’m hardly batting a thousand. :wink: )

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