pipeMare [0.3.33]

Good job. Thanks

Sent $5. Looking forward to the progress on this. This may be a little outside the scope of this, but it would be cool if there was an option to generate pipes onto simple objects (or follow curve)… almost like a greeble generator. :smiley:

You are welcome :eyebrowlift:

Thank you very much! These features are planned to be implemented just before the 1.0 release.

Generated pipes now are accompanied with a pipe profile curve located at their base, pipes no longer use bevel depth to create thickness, I am now working on the split, rail & decoration implementations.

Just added the basis for bevel profile support, ultimately this will allow custom curves to be used as the bevel profile, currently profiles are now generated at the base of each pipe and can be easily modified, working on the split and rail implementations now.

Thank you very much !

Just added a split pipe option, this will choose randomly amongst several bevel objects that split the pipes up either once or twice, this helps a great deal with adding overall visual quality to the generated pipes.

I also added a bevel size option, so that you can control the size of the beveled bends.

Small update; I have decided to favor the singular splitting of pipes rather then splitting the pipes in thirds in cases where the original pipe thickness is less then 75% of the maximum thickness, this prevents the pipes from appearing too small.

Enjoy version 0.3, let me know if you have any issues.

Your are welcome :cool:

this plugin keeps getting better and better

Very cool, always you come up with advanced ideas and then make them happen!

Keeps going, going, going… :eyebrowlift2:

Thank you!

I haven’t decided yet, I will either be implementing mesh decorations tomorrow or tile-ability, maybe both :wink:

I may also implement a horizontal pipes option, which would allow pipes to crisscross, so to speak.

Slightly corrected the algorithm in preparation for tileability functionality.

Wow! Thx for sharing!
Greate for hardsurface, but also for wallpaper texture
Maybe you can add the display wire on/off, that we can see the resolution of the curves better.

Thanks! That is a good idea the next release will have that option, don’t be discouraged by the interface approach atm it is just a place to stick props, I will be implementing a modal and proper pop-up interaction around version 0.5.


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This is awesome!

Donated 5$ :slight_smile: I hope more people will do the same or better donation :slight_smile:
Great addon - i hope You will be able to do option for “tileable” pipes, and some little decals or some small geometry (pipes connection, or some closed 90-degree pipes with valve’s :slight_smile:
Thank You for hard work!

Thank you! Tileable pipes is in the works and I think you will like the implementation, it will rely on the entry and exit coords using an independent seed so that pipes generated with different seeds will still tile with others i may not have it all working like this at first but that is the endgoal for tileability. after that i will be working on the subdivision implementation and a bevel resolution for the bends. then it will be onto pipe geometry decorations and the modal implementation.

ultimately I will have independent seed values for pipe paths, decorations, begin and end, pipe size, etc…

This is great! If you can add proper rounded corners, I will send you $$ :slight_smile:

It’d also be great if you could control the bevel object used.

It’d be really cool to get something like this for circuitry too…