Piranha fighter

Hi everyone,

first of all, I’m glad to be here and start my adventure in this community. I’m new to Blender, coming from mostly 3DS Max but also others. I’ve tried since long time to use Blender but it seems that only in the past few months I had the chance to start with it. I’ve spent some time customizing it a little and now I feel almost at home :smiley:
I’m a video game industry professional and what I would like is to switch to Blender as much as possible. I’m here to show you what I’m working on know to push me more to use this fantastic piece of software. Here I go.

I’m working on a concept by Mike Doscher A.K.A Malaveldtm titled “Piranha Fighter”. I love it: http://www.igorstshirts.com/blog/retro-fighter.jpg

I’m going to create a high-poly model, then low-poly and texturing it. I want to create a possible game asset and test how far I can go with Blender.