Piranha Flower

Don’t really like how the head turned out any tips are welcomed.

Blender 2.77a

Nice job. If you’re going for something stylistic you could make the green areas a little brighter to add some contrast to the red. At the moment they’re a little muted. Some translucency in the head, leaves and stem might give it a less plastic/solid look. As to how you’d achieve that, I’m not sure. Roughening up the surface of the head might help too. Maybe some simple ridges or something along those lines. Just to break up the smoothness, and make it feel a bit more organic.

Did you watch little shop of horrors recently? :slight_smile:

I’d try to move the focus more from the gray ground to the plant. At teh moment, the ground got a strong reflection and is relatively bright, even if it’s not important at all (or at least I don’t see how it could be important :S )

I’ve never seen little shop of horrors, I’m guessing there’s a plant like this in it, I was just thinking an evil version of the tube plants from mario.
But I’ve tweaked the photo some.

maybe can improve on the shape of the leaves to make it more curve…

Piranha Flowers have fairly large lips, if you resize the lips you might be more happy with the head.