Piranha - Noara ingame character

Character made for our game Noara.


Great work ! :slight_smile:

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The character is very well done. Congratulations!
Where can I learn more about the game?

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This character fills me with questions… when I first saw him in the thumbnail, the way he was moving made me think it was a small child in a costume… so that above the waist it’s basically a puppet. Seeing him closer to it looks like he pooed himself.

Great character design and animation by the way!


for the time being the website is in french but we’re preparing an english version : https://atypique-studio.fr/

That is fantastic! The animation is really nice! :clap:

Is the game coming out soon, good work man,

There was an open alpha this WE and we’ll do more in the future.
Beta should be released mid 2019 and the game planned in 2020.

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