Pirat in my bathroom, and other stuff [Indigo] (new picture)

Hello folks,
Here some renders for a child book project


Love it :slight_smile: Don’t you want to do a little movie of it?

Thankyou! The last one made a neat little background for my netbook. :slight_smile: Very cool stuff.

really vary funny

gz :slight_smile:

very nice… i like the first one the best… colors and style is great!
somehow the other images seem to travel more into traditional 3d look…
first one has that very nice 2d flat look in it… (except the cactuses)


Those are soooo cute! I love the 3rd and the 4th one a lot! I’m sure kids will adore these! :slight_smile:


The 3rd and the 4th are my prefered.

First, thaks for your comments,

Sorry, but it is not my objective.

If you want, i can made a better wallpaper (just give me your screen resolution)

Do you mean that the “2d aspect” is better than the “3d aspect” ?

And, of course, an editor too ^^

Those are excellent, odd and fun, the subject is just great, also I notice you are getting a nice range of light and dark in these images, which I find is quite hard using a unbiased renderer because they are so hungry for light.


WOWSIE!!! Lovely images. Not that they are just beautiful, they convey a story!

(I would love to have firs and second in a higher res!)

Hehe, funny and very well executed.

I’m not totally agree whit you… When you have understand how the light work, it’s not so difficult… you only wast a lot of time to test different setup until you’ll find the good one :wink:

For ristesekuloski a higher rez of the pic 1 (sorry but for the second pic, there is no higher rez :no:, she’s at high rez)

and for the other, a new picture