Pirate Character - Serious Critique appreciated

Hi guys, :eyebrowlift2:

Some of you will have seen this in the WIP section, I’m posting this here to gather some serious critique… This render still has quite a bit of work to be done, but please feel free to rip it apart and tell me exactly what you think is wrong with it. Be harsh. I can take it :wink:

(Disclaimer: I will take note of every single critique, but I will have to ignore some critiques in favor of others, or if I simply don’t have time to bring on major changes)


The modelling looks great, except that the shirt looks wrong. The folds looks as if they are in the wrong direction. The arms are fine, but I owuld have expected some horizontal folding at the bottom. Alon on the shirt front, there are some folds going towards the second button that don’t look right.
It may be just the angle, but her right upper arm (left in the image) looks a bit long, although this could be because we cannot see the elbow joint.
There are some lines on both forearms which look like modelling problems. It would look better if these were smoothed out.
There seems to be smoke from the cannon which should not be there, but that could be mist, so maybe ignore my comment.
The material on the clothing looks flat. The boots, belt and guns use a high level of detail, but the clothes looks like play-doh. Maybe add some further bump/normal texturing.
The cannon/cannonball look too flat. Wasn’t sure if this was just me so I looked at some reference images and it definitely looks as if it needs a bit more texture and glossiness.
The toes of her trailing foot also looks like it is off the floor. There looks like a small gap between the shoe and the floor.

That’s it. Still looks great, though. How long did it take to model?

Thanks man :smiley: The Modelling was done over the course of several months, but if I’d worked non-stop I might have done it in about 3 weeks. :slight_smile: as you can see there is still some work to be done, but I think the end is in sight :wink:

Your crits are much appreciated, and I’m working on them now. I already fixed some of the issues for the trousers, I also worked on the cannonballs… I want to entirely re-sculpt the shirt, so stay tuned for that :slight_smile:

Costumes looks too clean. Even the deck looks clean.

she looks hot but there’s something odd with the shape of her forearms, and also the right elbow looks strange, like broken, too low maybe?
great design by the way

The background is perfect.

What I don’t like is the character:

  • Incorrect anatomy: mainly scale of bodyparts. Her right arm is broken.
  • I don’t like the pose much, maybe give it a different gesture? She looks like on a fashion show (a bit levitating), not like on a battle ship.
  • The composition is too centered, she is looking on something out of the frame. There should be more room in the direction where she is moving.

Excellent work.
But since you asked for critique:
The head looks, like it belongs to a manga character only half the size of your woman. With that long body you’d expect a longer face too, not so round and cartoonish.
Like that one maybe: http://www.styleseye.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Haircuts-for-long-face-5.png%3F9d7bd4