Pirate Girl - Sculpting Texturing and Blender EEVEE Timelapse

Pirate girl made in Blender, enjoy the video :slight_smile:

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Gonna be honest here… Her face creeps me out :spin: But anyway, good job on the sculpting as always, the texturing is great and the SSS seems to render real good on Eevee… This engine has a great potential :wink:

Must be a tropical pirate, or else she’ll get a might bit chilly on deck in that get-up.

Awesome work. I have never sculpted anything in blender before but seeing it in action has inspired me to give it a go. Thank you for posting this.

wow this sis nice,
i allways wanted to ask a real dell, what is beater, sculpting or box modeling ?? and why
i tryd lot,s of time to sculpt and i end up eather with a bad result or a crashed blender

My pleasure :slight_smile:

I prefer sculpting for anything creative related, but up to you. If you are asking why your sculpts arn’t turning out nice i can’t answer that without any visuals, but my guess is you aren’t patient and you expect instant result. You need to learn many things and practice a lot before you can get anything decent, patience and consistency will get you far :slight_smile: