Pirate Lady

(Rico) #1

Hi all,
I’d like to present my long running WIP project of this pirate character… I’ve been messing around with this one for a really long time, and I was only able to bring it to this level thanks to the awesome critiques from the guys in the WIP section, and the Focused Critiques section. thank you all!

I realize there are still multiple issues with this render, but I’ve decided to move on for now. maybe in the future I’ll come back and fix all the horrible mistakes :smiley:

Enjoy it for now. :wink:


(Rico) #2

More screenshots and renders:


(Meshmonkey) #3

Awesome, 5star work!

(minoribus) #4

I followed your WIP thread and you created a wonderful image. Congratulations. I love the fine execution, the atmosphere and the storytelling.

(roby2596) #5

Awesome work, the atmosphere is really nice!

(CGIPadawan) #6

I guess you acquired a taste for the action girls as well in your time with us. :slight_smile:

Nice to see your mad skills on a new piece of work. :slight_smile:

(themightygert) #7

Love it! Comes a point where you have to stop fiddling and enjoy your creation!

(tyrant monkey) #8

pretty cool work and 5 stars from me

(Rico) #9

Thanks so much everyone :smiley: Its very encouraging to hear your good feedback.

@Meshmonkey thanks bro :smiley:
@Minoribus thanks, your input in the WIP thread has been invaluable! cheers!
@CGIPadawan haha definitely! But I was only able to improve because you didn’t give up on me. thanks man.
@lordgert yep you’re right :slight_smile: I could go on forever just tweaking it, but I gotta stop at some point :wink:
@tyrant monkey thanks mate, I appreciate it.


(sheepHD) #10

Congratulations on finishing this! She looks even better than I expected :wink:

(Blond) #11

My 5 cent on this awesome piece: raise the size of the head.

As of now, it looks kinda off and way too small in terms of head-body proportions, it’s way to small…

(Itza) #12

Awesome ! :slight_smile:


looks great

(Nita) #14

amazing rico, this is very fine detailed scene …


(jjjuho) #15

Truly beautiful lighting, colors and mood. However scale of the lady just feels plain wrong, shes like, what 2,2m? Especially legs are way too long atleast in my opinion.

Anyway good job! :slight_smile:

(Rico) #16

thanks everyone! :smiley:

@SheepHD thanks bud!
@Blond thanks :smiley: Actually I was thinking the opposite lol I was seriously considering making the head smaller… oh well. meh :slight_smile:
@Nita, @fdfxd, @Itza, thanks guys… you all rock!
@jjjuho good suggestion thanks :smiley: what can I say? I like tall girls lol. perhaps I just went slightly “overboard” with it (no pun intended lol)

cheers everyone! your great feedback and critiques are very much appreciated. :smiley:

(Jeepster) #17

what a phenomenal image! Congrats on finishing such a big project :slight_smile: looks like all the hard work paid off :smiley:
I suspect it won’t be long until we see this on the top row

(Rico) #18

Thanks Jeepster :smiley:

(BiggR) #19

Nice! I love the detail, especially on the clothing. BTW, the shirt is a men’s shirt (women have the buttons on the other side), but as a pirate I assume clothes made specially for women may be harder to come by :slight_smile:

(Madrid82) #20

A wonderful artwork, very detailed. Congrats!