Pirate pig

Here is the final illustration.

I’ve started it for christmas 2013 and let it wait for these last few month.
I’ve taken 2 days to finish it (allways finish a work!!!)
Hope you like it.

here is the wireframe view.

You can check out some close ups on my website
Please appreciate if you did
( This last sentence really makes me think that I’m not that close to all these web stuff… "Can you like my page if you liked it and ask your friend to like it also, the more people like the more it will be liked and I will like, better seen so that people will be able to like me and I will like my life more… inssane, but this is mordern world I guess :spin:)

Very good work.

Awesome! The balance between 3D and 2D is really well done, especially on the crabs and starfish.

very cool work man, I loved much the crab and starts, and nice illustration of the skull cave, for some reason the pig remember me much the enemies of donkey kong :). greetings!

You are having some problems with the subdivision in the rocks, because you used some ngons to model them; but the scene in general is nice.

No ngons, but i had some overlapping verticies in my multiresolution. :wink:

Little Sketchfab export

Wow I really love your style!

thanks, really appreciated.