I had drawn this pirate a while ago, but recently found it and decided to post it here. What do you think?


And 64x64 icon (Should I use this instead of the elf I made?)


Very good use of colors :slight_smile:

Thanks. I made two versions, actually. This one, with the jungle background, and one with a cloudy sky background. I liked the colors of this one more, so this is the one I decided to show.

Pirate with sky:

Jungle before focal blur:

A pirate I was ment to be, trim the sail and roam the sea…

But isn’t that painful? I mean his eyebrow seems to have grown over his eyepatch…

But I like it, but if you could make a version whit little less blurred background, I think the jungle looks very good.

Current Poll: 6 yes to 3 no. I guess I had to change my avitar. At least I didn’t have the animated version: