Pirates against an octopus (yafaray) (The making-of))


Another camera mapped funny picture ^^

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! the only thing I dislike is the contrast between the cartoony octopus and the realistic wall behind. Still the boat and pirates are really good and I think the overall scene works very well.

marvelous work!

***** from me.

A “making of” would be awesome, how did you melt real-pic and cg-parts?

edit: I also pledge for ba-banner ingestion :wink:

ahahah, great “shot” :slight_smile:

Fantastic! But the shader for the octopus could be less plasticky. Also the octopus could do with additional texturing.

Wow, beautiful! 5* from me.

There are a few little things that could be tweaked IMHO. The shadows for example seem to sharp compared to the soft shadows of the photo and the transition between ground and octopus tentacles looks a bit artificial right now. Lastly the main tentacle in the middle seems a bit edgy to me, I am not sure if smoothing the angle of it would ruin the cartoonish look and it’s really not a big problem, the rest of the image is perfect! Great work!


It’s wanted. I want to give a “toy feeling” to this objects. With the dof, the boat looks like a toy too.

It’s possible, but i have a problem… i’m not english, and my english is not “terrible”

I agreed :smiley: It’s a good idea :D:eyebrowlift:

I only use the default yafaray shaders. All objects have the same shader (they works good for me, so…)
What do you mean with “additional texturing” ? More dots ? schatchs ? bump ?..

Your comments makes me remember that i have forget to post the original picture
Here she is
As you can see, there is no shadows at all. I have made my lighting setup myself (and i found the result not so bad ^^) I used diffrents lamps (aera and a sun).

Awesome stuff, makes me chuckle just looking at it!

I made a “tutorial/making-of”
You can find it at this adress (at the end of the list)
Important : The making-of is not about this picture, but the technics that i used are the same… so…

Fun, creative pic! Nice tutorial too. My only small nitpick is that it would be nice to see some ground damage, or waves, debris, even if it is subtle, around the tentacle in the foreground to break up that sharp line.

Excellent work - and fun too! The contrast between the inherent realism of the photo and the cartoon-like pirates makes it more interesting than something that was completely modeled.

are you related to yves tanguy, the famous surrealist?

Wicked. 5 Stars.

Aw that is soo cute!!!

Thank you for the tutorial! You did a great job with both the render and the tut! :eyebrowlift:

haha~ this looks so cute!!!