Pirates and Cannons

[INDENT]Pirates and Cannons[/INDENT]
Basic game info
The game may follow a story line that I am currently developing. Well basically you are a navy captain of a ship and you battle pirates in the open see.
Your cannon will be on your ship and there will be pirates scattered around there ship.
The aim of the game is to aim a cannon ball at the pirate ship and kill all the pirates. the cannon will land somewhere near the pirates and the counter will go from three to one and it will explodes and if it is close enough to the pirates, it will kill them.
You should do this in the time given and use as less cannon balls as possible.

Concept art
These are some basic concept art to show the feeling of the game.

Software and Programming
We will be using blender 2.49b and python for programming.
All code should be annotated but not over annotated.
You can use what ever software for texturing but export to a file suitable for all.


concept art and cut scene story:

Modelling and animation:

these are going to be the areas we are going to focus on for this game.

This game will be made by the <b><i>[Game Maker group](http://gamemakergroup.webs.com)</i></b> website.

If you would like to join, please sign up the the gamemakergroup.webs.com website and click on the thread [pirates and cannons](http://gamemakergroup.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/3465370-pirates-and-cannons?page=last)

wow sounds cool. I’ve got some realistic mid polly ships and cannons if you need any.

that would be great. we will be working on the project on the site gamemakergroup.webs.com. please sign up so you can view the post.

sorry about the long wait for a reply but I went down to portsmouth to see the H.M.S VICTORY.
but I’ll send you the moddels if you want.

is it modern ships or 17th-18th century ships?