Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End Trailer

Hello All,


For those who haven’t seen it yet, this is the best page I’ve found as most are carrying the small flash player version of the trailer.

The countdown begins me’heartys!

OMFG that looks soooo coooooooool!!!

Cant wait to see it this summer.

Nice! I loved Pirates of the Caribbean! I thought two was a little dissapointing compared to number one, but none the less I can’t wait to see number 3!

Number two wasn’t actually BAD, in and of itself, but I think they were just trying to fit too much movie into too little time. If they’d cut out/shortened a couple ‘zany hijinks’ segments and spent that time on between shots and making cuts seem a little less rushed, they would’ve made the movie much more coherent and less distracted-feeling.

Yeah, I actually like the 2 but I felt the end was kind of rushed. They should have split the movie in 2 different ones. Too much story in too little time like Blackboe just said. It’s kinda the way I felt at the end of the LOTRII.

I also liked Dead Man’s Chest, I think the rather abrupt ending has a lot to do with things that will happen in At World’s End.

As for the Two Towers, have you watched the extended edition? Much more story is able to fit into 4 hours.:smiley: Plus it’s an in between movie, so it doesn’t really have a proper beginning or end. I think of the trilogy as one long movie rather than 3 movies.

It wasn’t the ending I was talking about, it was just the way some of the scenes flowed.

Oh wow… That looks absolutely magnificent!! I had to watch the low detail youtube version, but even in the horribly low resolution it still looked amazing! I can’t wait until May 25th… I’m going to buy a ticket the second they’re available.

Direct links to the .mov files of the HD versions instead of the .qtl thing.


I think it looks amazing. Dead Man’s Chest is my favorite movie so I’m counting on At World’s End to be even better and it certainly looks like it will be.
And in response to Blackboe’s comment, one of the things I liked most about Dead Man’s Chest was that it was so story enriched -I like movies that you can watch 100 times and still learn something new from it like that -I think they pulled it off perfectly -if they had slowed down the pace or added too many in between shots I think it would have just been boring and more drawn out -that’s one of the main gripes I have with LOTR is that the pacing is way too slow for my taste (At least the first and third -Two Towers was pretty good).

I’m definitely seeing Pirates 3 the second it comes out.

Glad to see people found my post of use. :slight_smile: Also, on the .qtl thing, like most file extensions, this one can be opened with the mighty Notepad.exe for those on windows and download links can be extracted thus.Thanks to LOTRJunkie for posting these links, just a hint for others next time.

I’m so ready for this movie! My cellphone ring tone is once again POTC!