Piria - LivingRoom (Updated)

This scene was made with Broken`s build (glossy reflections) internal renderer more postpo.
Rendertime 15 minutes.
Fixed the noise…and minus postprod.


Daniel Thul

Great for BIender InternaI

Woa, you rendered that with internal? I can never get those results when I do it.

The fire looks a bit fake though.

Great for BI! you used hdri right?

Indeed, nice render for a 15min internal rendering !
Did you apply glossy on all the objects ?
Did you used AO ?

Except for the blue-green-ish hue, the little grain and the fire (all of them rather minor things), I like it a lot! Wonderful job on the modeling and especially great use of Blender’s internal rendering engine (and Broken’s patch!). Could you provide some more informations about your lighting setup and how you made use of Glossy reflections or something?

Holy cow, blender is getting amazing, can’t wait until this stuff is integrated. That looks soooo like GI. Almost like SSS on the walls but it’s not!!:smiley: (I don’t think)

Very nice!!!:eyebrowlift: But I think the graininess kinda hurts the image. Upping the AO samples should fix that.
Very nice for BI and 15 minutes though!:yes:

Thank for comments.
The fire and “cuestionated” noise are postpro, my idea was a magazine style render. (with imperfections, not very clean)
The scene has several lights:
OMNI LIGHTS in each window (tinted blue) THE SKY.
1 SPOT with buffered shadows (tinted orange) THE SUN
1 OMNI in the middle of the room (tinted green) THE AMBIENCE
The key for this secene was the node setup merging 2 renders:
1 plain render with colors, shadows and NO AO.
1 AO render with a white material in all objects, without shadows.
Thank you all!!

That looks pretty amazing for a 15 min internal render indeed, very nice work.

it’s a great image, is it some place in Piriapolis?.. i’m from montevideo, currently on a trip to Canada and quite new to blender … nos vemos


really good for the time. would like to see the scene, since i never got this with a 15 min render in blender.thx for sharing your tips.

Cool scene, and beautiful image . . . good job!

Those candles on the table are screaming for some SSS.


This is really great and especially for a 15 min render because it looks great i like everything bout it!

Thank you for comments :wink: !!
This final image was composed (with nodes) 2 renders:
AO render (WITH shadows) + Color (Combined) render.
@andsn: Si, es una casa diseñada por una arquitecta de Punta del Este en el Cerro de Piriapolis con vista al mar (impresionante)
@Cire: The AO render kill the SSS in the candles, I´ll have to fix them, in next projects.
Thanks for comments.

The fire’s okay if it was one of those electric fireplaces.

The only thing bugging me is the crazy washout on the rug, you might want to turn down its reflection value, I don’t like washouts.

Otherwise very good, clearly Broken’s stuff really improved render quality.

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