Pistol and skateboard WIP

(adyus) #1

I figured it’s no use keeping these a secret, cause they’ll come out really ugly, so at least I should get suggestions before I start texturing and materializing(lol, new word :wink: ) Please comment.

Copy and paste, because I still don’t have money to own a .com domain. (donations are welcome :slight_smile: )
Nor the time to make a home page.




(Detritus) #2

That´s a good start, but I think that you should use more subSurfs (subSurfs rock). I´ve only looked at the pistol so far, the loading was sloooooooow. But a good start!

(gr8hamster) #3

good god man!! wut screen res do you have?!!?! I WANT!!!

oh, and I like, specially the pistol!!

(adyus) #4

i know I have to work some more on the skateboard. I’m planning to make a “taking the bearings out and replacing them” scene. Anyone have some tool models I can borrow?

Anyway, the pistol is ALL subsurfed, but I took it off when making the screenshot, cause my graphics card started giving smoke :wink:

My screen res? 2048x768. God, I’ve always wanted to have two monitors, and now I have! It’s a real easy way to work in Blender.
(btw, u should try playing America’s Army on two monitors :o )

(IMProvisar) #5

Looks to me like he’s working with dual monitors, both at 1024x768.

Very nice, BTW. :slight_smile: