pistol handle problem

I tried using the search function, but I don’t really know what words to use to define the problem, as I’m a total beginner on both Blender and modeling.

I got an ok shape to the handle, but when I connected the “thing that covers your finger and the trigger” to the handle, the handle got slightly distorted around the point where they connect.
I’m not sure if using catmull clark is the way to go either, but all the tutorials I watched always had it on, so :rolleyes:

Here’s a pic to go with it, any creative comments regarding anything is welcome.

You’re on the right track. You just need to seperate the trigger guard with another face so that subdivision won’t try to interprete more than you want it to by yanking some of your grip onto the guard. If you need to isolate something from something else, put a loop of faces around it. Here’s a quickie example. It should be self-explanatory.


If you add three extra loops to the mesh where I marked with red lines it will fix it. You may only need the one on the right.


That should work, although I haven’t tested it exactly. I know how subsurfacing works.

Edit: To add loops press K and press loop cut in the dialog menu, or press CTRL-R