Greetings all!
I haven’t been doing much with blender for a long while now. Somehow the idea of modeling a gun came up. :rolleyes:
So I made a pistol. It’s not modeld off a certain type. I took ideas out of a book and mixed the stuff to make a common pistol. :slight_smile:

Here are some stuff that I know I have to work on:
-more details
-the shell ejection is on the wrong side. Should be on the right side. But this can be solved by simply mirroring the final render.:spin:

Any ideas that might have come to your mind? :confused:


Here’s one where I was trying to make a shooting schene…it also needs some shells


Well since it is not modeled after a real gun, the ejection slot is not on the wrong side. I have fired a real (all be it cheaply made) hand gun with the ejection slot of the left. (Note: it sucked as it did indeed throw the casing at your face.). There are also left handed copies of the Colt 1911 being made.

The main thing that jumps out at me, is the grips. You appear to have modeled a 1911 style grip, but it doesn’t match the shape of the actual gun body.

hmmm…interesting notice. I think I see what you’re saying. What should I do? I think I’ll have to straighten out the top part a bit…you think that’s enough? :confused:

To me the actual handle of the gun seems very square. However the grips seem more or a angular shape. For instance the angle on the back edge of the grip does not match the angle of the back of the handle. Also, the width of the grip seems narrow compared to the handle itself. So maybe just square up the front and back edges of the grip and scale the grip to be wider.

Right! I’ll get to it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help and I’ll be waiting for your oppinion when I finish! :wink: