this blend was in 2007 PISTOLS it was test while i was noob now i am also noob but not noob



bang! bang! ping! ziiiiiiiing! keep on blending:eyebrowlift:

LOL… I always blend but dont know what to modell XD

Its not always about what to model…its more about HOW you will model it. !!!

Take for example your gun…you can make a very nice scene with it, just use a bit of a creativity and imagination. Dont just make the thing and post it. Take some time, go through some tutorials, or just try to listen to what other guys suggest. Why am I saying it - is because I saw a few of your work and when you get a lot of criticism - you just drop the project.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, Its not what I meant to do. I just know when ppl can and when they are just lazy to learn.

Anyway…its all up to you man.
About the gun: nice start!!!
Take care

… i am learning but the problem is that i forgot some old things so i dont know what to add more and i dont know what to add like grass huh dont even know how to model grass and i need tutorials thnx

Listen man, I am not a greatest modeler , but will be only happy to help and I believe most of the guys in this forum too. So post your stuff you wanna model in WIP and we will see what we can do.
Take care

I’ll make other one better then that may be…