PistonPusher 1.6.4 - Telescopic pistons! - Paid blender add on

Released another update lol.

This time I added the ability to unconstrain a piston.

2 more pistons got added and all other pistons have been updated.

I’ve also added all pistons to the kpack.

I should probably add that some pistons in the mx1001 directory are made by me. I don’t want to claim any credit for masterxeon1001’s work and so chose not to mention it until now. Most were made by @masterxeon1001


these renders lookin gud!


Learned from the best!

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1.5.15 is out!

With another feature this time:

An overlay intended to give a quick overview of how the constrain feature sees things, can be used to quickly troubleshoot issues or catch issues before you constrain a piston:

Also fixed a missing hose on the HEAVY piston type.

For those that didn’t know:

They certainly can be animated! There are limitations however. In a nutshell, by transforming the space a piston is considered to be in( like local space of its parent), you can get around some of them but not all.

And for those worried about performance:
my specs are:
a ryzen 5 4600g
4gb 1650gtx nvidia gpu.

so, pretty low powered when it comes to 3d art.

Pistonpusher 1.5.16 is now available!

(Piston made by Masterxeon1001)

  • Toggle overlay button is only visible if it can be used/ an (unfinished) piston is present.
  • Objects exactly at world origin are now colored white. This change also prevents the color from not updating if a object was set to world origin after the overlay was turned on. It’s still not a live overlay but it will properly update as you toggle it on/off now.
  • Fixed wrongly configured mirror modifier of the glass piston type.
  • Added a user manual.

Uploaded a new demo video!

Youtube seems to have some issues with the thumbnail, I expect it will appear eventually.

Pistonpusher 1.6 is out!

This update changed a lot:

  • Pistonpusher relies on armatures now.
  • Snap modal was replaced with a simpler but more effective alternative. The current implementation is essentially an adaptation of snap selected to active. Allows you to ignore scale/location/rotation. Works with auto constrain and all objects. No name requirements or whatsoever.
  • Select tool was changed as some of its features aren’t needed anymore. It can still select all parts of a piston. Or select the ‘next’ empty. The keybind for it also changed to ctrl + shift + left double mouse button. This change allows you to preserve any selection you had before running the select tool on an empty.
  • Constrain anchors(manual) was removed as it too was not needed anymore.
  • Non piston reselection opt-in was removed. Due to the removal of the snap modal and the changes to the select tool, this opt-in has been removed.
  • Removed clear last selection.
  • Added the ability to easily remove a piston. If you have a part selected, the option will be present in the pop up menu. This will also rename/recount all pistons of that type if needed.
  • Locations of operators in the pop up menu changed.
  • Got rid of ‘primary anchors’ custom properties and other code that wasn’t needed anymore.
  • You do not need to go to pose mode to control the piston!
  • ‘remove constraints’ also works still. it wont remove the constraints from bones but still detaches the piston from their armature and any empties.

All together, this should make animating them a blast!

Pistonpusher 1.6.1 is available now!


  • Added telescopic armature support, it works automatically. They can be stretched too! See release log video for more info.

  • Hook modifiers added by pistonpusher are now moved to the top of the modifier stack.

  • Thumbnails display piston/part name if user tooltips are enabled.

  • Index of a piston type is now omitted.(collection management only)

  • Fixed select tool bug.

  • Set child of constraints feature can now remove child of constraints or ALL constraints on the selected objects.(hold shift/ctrl)

  • Added 2 telescopic pistons. removed old telescopic piston.

  • Added demo scene of the hexapod to the bonus directory.

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Pistonpusher 1.6.2 is out!

  • Set child of constraints can target bones. hold alt to target armature, if the armature has no pose bones you do not need to hold alt.


  • Fixed snap tool bug. Related to snapping objects that are parented to an armature with constraints, which required different math. You can now properly snap the B empty/anchor of a piston!

1.6.4 is out!

  • Fixed bug with telescopic rods related to the order in which they were added to a scene.

  • Changed bone target drop down menu to a search field (set child of constraint(s)).

  • Child of constraints added by pistonpusher are moved to the top of the constraint stack now.

  • Fixed another snap tool bug related to snapping objects that are parented to an armature.

  • Snap tool will place (new) pistons at the 3d cursor if no object was selected. This also means that the snap tool can snap single objects to the 3d cursor from now on.