Pit Lord

first look here:

That is what I am basing on, the final render will not be like it, but for now here is what I got:


this is a bit old (the teeth are different now):

My main problem now is the flames…
for now I use Blender Internal for the fire (+ postpro), and combine the two renders using the Gimp. I really dislike this :(, and it’s much less fun…

Any crits are welcome :slight_smile:

better lighting and some model modifications:

still have no idea of how to make the flames…

that’s nice! are you going to go any further?

I don’t know how far I will go.
Right now I want to make his hands, and set it up for a different pose. I also want to make some flames, that will look quite realistic.

I think I need better textures, especialy for the metal parts. I don’t know if I should stick with procedurals, or unwrap it (I don’t have much experience with textures I afraid).


Thats Mannaroth ^^
I know this picture, its pretty cool :wink:

A small update:
I don’t how good the fire is… I used 2 renders of fires I made, placed them on on top the other with the gimp and added a small supernova effect.
the fire texture is basicly a halo with a marble texture.

still I can’t get it to look the way I want (the flames should have some blackness).

another problem I’m having is the arms. I think I will have to add more details which will probably need some more edge-loops. And the hands… I think I will do the hand tutorial again to better understand how to do it.

C&C are still very welcome.

The hand:

What do you think?

I joined the hands with the main mesh.

the fingernails’ texture suck… but that’s ok I guess…

Looks good. Good modeling. Can we see a whole body wire?

Have you considered using a particle system for the flames? I think you could get a reasonably realistic flame (at least one that looks like your reference pic’s).


Xandros5: I am using the particle system. there is an emitter above his head that shoots halos with a marble texture set to alpha and color. The model is rendered using Yafray, so I need to render the flames with the internal renderer and put the two pictures together with the gimp (then just for fun I added the supernova effect)…

SirMikey: I will upload some soon.

Here are the wires:


I know the joint between the hands and the arms has tris, but I didn’t want to add any more loops in the body… so I had to just subdivide… (is there any better way?)

edit: Yesterday I searched for a good HDRI image, that would have flames/fire, but without any luck. Anyone knows of a good resource for these stuff?

The model is good, but look at this wallpaper. That pitlord has big porky nose and your’s doesn’t. Stay tuned and work on it.

You are right… it’s strage I did not notice that…
It’s even stranger that the unit in the game doesn’t have a nose either…

Added a nose, changed a bit the mouth and lips, and added real wings to the demon on the armor (basicly duplicated the pit lord’s wings).

here are two pics with different lightings (mainly colors):
which one is better?

-make decent flames on his head.
-rig him and pose him differently

I like this one:

New flames, I think I will keep…

I used Global Illumination on this one :slight_smile:


new angle, and it’s partialy rigged (arms and head).

what do you think?

looking nice, now rig the mouth/jaw and the fingers and make him scream or something ^^ just a thought… >> anyways good luck!

great ideas, but I want to finish this model already…

no postpro:


which one is better?

I think I’ve got far enough on this one… I will post it in the finished projects soon, unless there is something you think I realy need to do :).


Edit: the Final Project thread: