Pitchipoy face bones distorted on MHX2 import

Hopefully I’m not treading over old ground here but I can’t find any other posts about this so here goes…

When trying to import Makehuman MHX2 objects into Blender and selecting the rigify option for the armature under the override presets option, the body bones fit fine but the face bones are massively oversized and are positioned around two body heights above the figure.

This occurs at every attempt to do this, so I don’t have a specific blend file to post, but I can provide one if requested. By the way, I’m using Blender 2.79, I haven’t tried this in older versions.

I’ll try doing that (it’s only just occurred to me! ), but in the meantime does anybody have a clue what the issue is?

I have the same problem with Blender 2.79 and MH 1.1.1.
Did you find a solution?

Sadly no. I think I know why it’s happening, though.

If you set the rigify add on to legacy in the user preferences, it rigs perfectly but without the face bones. I think the MHX2 importer is quite old and dates from before pitchipoy was integrated into rigify, so it just can’t cope with that rig.

So unfortunately the only solution seems to be an update to the importer, which I don’t think is likely to happen. Makehuman in general seems to have completely stalled development now, presumably because of having to compete with Manuel Bastioni.

Thomas (who is the supporter for MHX2) has changed the location of the developement. You find the latest update on this (which was Okt. 2017) here now:

I don’t know whether this would fix your issue… only to mention.

BTW: MakeHuman has paced down a bit, but it’s not stalled. They decided to do new releases only on a yearly base now (approx.). So I think we’ll see the next release within the next 1 or 2 months. :slight_smile: - And! MHX2 is not a MH-project… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. I know MHX2 isn’t directly a MH project, but of course it depends on MH for its survival, their fates are intertwined!!! :slight_smile: