Pivot around individual object center not working. 2.37 Win

From the 2.37 Windows build (No install - Zipped files version) the pivot around individual object’s center is not working correctly when in EDIT mode.

It’s behaving in the same way that the pivot around median point works.

Just wondering if anyone else has found this too.

Added to bug tracker @ blender3d.org

A quick fix is to snap the 3D cursor to the object’s center in object mode, then use pivot to 3D cursor.


Just tried it - Looks OK to me!

New Blend
Create a cube
Move all it’s verts so the center is in one corner
Go to Object mode
Select “Individual Points”
Rotate cube - Rotates around center OK
SHift select camera
Rotate - Both rotate on their individual axies.

Using Blender 2.37 from install exe on WinXP.

Ammusionist, do it in edit mode and you’ll see what he means.

i’ve had the same problem too. and just as sonix said, using the 3d cursor is the workaround for now.

yep, sorry forgot to metion it’s when in edit mode. :expressionless: Updated first post.


You are in Edit Mode, not working with objects so you can rotate around the Cursor or Median point of the selected Vertices. The other rotation options only apply to Objects in Object Mode.

Let me retract that, you are correct it is not working as in 2.36 and before, might have been broken with the addition of Active Object.


                            oh I am sooos embarresed!  :-|


I followed the instructions with a self-compiled Linux
build of the Blender 2.37cvs sources. And yes,

IT DOES NOT WORK ! :slight_smile:

Have a blended day!

It works in 2.36 not 2.37!!!

Theeth has explained why it doesn’t work correctly in the bug report thread.

Basically there is a planned behavioral change for the pivot around individual center which couldn’t be completed in time for the 2.37 release. So it was given the same behaviour as the median pivot.

All cleared up then.