pivot constraint problem

i have a problem with the pivot constraint, not a constraint widely used so i wont be supprised if nobody know the answer.

All starts well, add constraint move the pivot object around and it works, after a short while when i move the pivot object the other object starts moving around. I dont want this, what i want is to move the pivot with out moving the other object. Is this a bug? for it doesnt do it at the start.

It would be great if anyone could help out!

Also what would help is if anybody know of a script that turns parent on and off without effecting the object. I saw this somewhere but cannot find it. It was an object moving on a conveyor belt and its parenting was constantly altered.

You can try to experiment with several child of constraints instead of a single pivot constraint.
The script you’re looking for is dynamic parent.

Thanks for that!!

Apparently, there are some constraints that don’t work as described. I was told it’s mostly because of other code getting rewritten from 2.5 on. I was also told it’s going to be tricky to fix because the guy who wrote the constraint system is no longer available and he was the only one who understood it well enough to stomp on bugs.

Nahh, I wouldn’t start by blaming things that are poorly-understood or poorly-understandable on “bugs” and “departed people.” :slight_smile:

What we need, in the OP, is a blend file, and maybe a screen-shot that illustrates the actual problem, and a more detailed description of what is actually wanted. I’m quite sure that others will then very quickly provide a bug-free way to do it that actually works.

You can, for example, animate the “influence” of a constraint, e.g. snapping it from 1.0 to 0.0 in two adjacent keyframes. (You can “animate anything™” in Blender now …) So, you can switch-off a constraint. (Although you can have sudden-motion of things when you do.)

One thing that I often do is to shoot two different shots, in two different scenes from the same camera POV, and cut them together such that the splice between them is visually seamless. I have actually dealt with the problem, then, in two entirely different ways at two entirely different times. In the finished product, no one will ever know. Editing is the “secret sauce” in an awful lot of effects . . .

Some times if you will create a parent object (or bone) for the Target object… Then place the pivot constraint on that parent object you can get it to work…
it’s a little more animation work… but… I’ve gotten the pivot constraint to behave doing that in times past… I’m not sure what yoru situation is however…