Pivot/Gizmo/LocalOrigin rotation to the selection/Custom script?


(Alexander) #1

Hi there, I’m quite new in Blender but I really impressed by it and starting to fall in love with it:)
Unfortunately, there are some missed functions (as for me) that I need often, one of them - I need a simple action - orient local origin of the object to the selection (polygon) of this object. I can’t find any info about it, can’t find any plugin/script…
Here how it works in Maya (screenshot in the attachments), also this feature is in the Cinema4D and many others.
Can you help me with this?
Please don’t offer to move/rotate it by hand, I need extreme precision, also I know about “Shift+S” - “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C”, this feature doesn’t rotate pivot…
Also in Maya, there is a lot of another pivot/gizmo/localOrigin orientation features (move to the left/right/top/bottom of the bounding box, corners, and many others), maybe there is some script that does it all in 1-2 clicks?

Mesh Align Plus (now v0.3.0)
(Alexander) #2

p.s. also I know about “ctrl+alt+spacebar to create a custom orientation”, but it works on all the objects in the scene, I just want to move and orient only one axes of the one object to its polygon

(JA12) #3

There are various addons for that, this is how I do it without one

(Alexander) #4

Thanks for the reply man but unfortunately this method is too slow, in my pipeline I need this function 100 times per hour… In C4D/Maya it’s just one click (select the polygon and click align pivot) + I need the model to remain on its position (not moving to the center), just align the pivot to the selected polygon.
As for the addons - I didn’t see any