Pivot Point For Orienting the 3D View

Hi. I’ve looked from time to time, but can never find a way to do this. Often when I’m trying to do detail work in the 3D View, and I’m dragging the mouse around with the MMB held down and I’m zoomed way in, the view just pivots around some unknown place in the scene and my work area that I want to examine up close and from all angles just shifts out of view and I’m forced to zoom back out, pan the view back over to my work area, and zoom in again. I waste so much time doing that. It would be so helpful to quickly change the pivot point to right where I am working and orient the view to examine it at all angles. It seems like such a basic function. How is this done?

It seems you are hitting the limitation by zooming in too far. See explanation and ways to workaround here.
Quick ways I use is Zoom to Border with Shift+B and Numpad dot, both dependant on geometry. You can also use Walk or Fly modes to position camera with WASD keys though they don’t set new center point of rotation which is what the very reason of the problem.

Dude, thanks for the effort, but…

Yes, that’s the very reason for the problem. If you don’t know a way to do what I need to do, just say, “Sorry, I don’t think there’s a way to do that.” or better yet, just post nothing at all. What are you trying to do, earn brownie points with BlenderArtists? This doesn’t answer my need and just represents a distraction. Sorry to be so blunt. And I do appreciate the effort. And I don’t want to get in a flame war with you. I’m just frustrated with my problem at hand and distractions don’t help. If you’re just commiserating over an apparent Blender limitation, then yea, I’m frustrated with it too.

That’s interesting.

What I know is that if you face issues listed in your question you have to deal with them based on methods I outlined above. This helps. I know Blender enough to state that. I shouldn’t help? Ok I won’t do that up to some extent.

Method to overcome a problem and mitigate it doesn’t represent a distraction. Not every problem has apparent and once-and-for-all solution.

I don’t care about brownie or any points.

Up to some extent yes, but this is a limitation which doesn’t have cure, only either ways to avoid or ways to work around.

Lastly. If you think post distracts or doesn’t help - define in more details with screenshots or a video what you experience. Outline what you did and how proposed help doesn’t solve it. Ask how proposed ways should help. Don’t be so confident that you receive distraction.

Well said. And yes, it’s somewhat of a grey area. In my case, I really just wanted to know how to rotate the view about the point I’m interested in, I was looking for a quick and easy answer, and I was reacting to you partly in my frustration of the moment, which was inappropriate. explanation and ways to workaround does admittedly have some helpful alternatives and describes Blender’s limitations and how those are just part of the structure and philosophy of Blender. Zoom in to Border and dot are good ways of zooming in, but didn’t really have to do with my question, or so I thought. Walk and Fly are good to know for future reference. I should have just thanked your for offering what you could or said nothing at all.

The real lesson for me is, even though I want to quickly get on with what I’m doing at the moment and hope for a quick answer, cool down before posting and prepare to spend a little more time learning Blender. There’s just no other way to go about it.

Actually (continuing to eat crow), numpad dot appears to do almost precisely what I need in zooming all about a point, if I have vertex selected when I press it. So, thank you, cool cat (I think that’s a cat), for the answer to my question after all. :zipper_mouth_face:

You can turn on “auto-depth” and “zoom to mouse position” in the navigation settings. This way you will zoom and orbit around your mouse cursor. That’s how most 3d apps work by default.

turn on “orbit around selection” , “zoom to mouse position” and set a shortcut to “view selected” in user pref.
you should feel right at home.

As well as the suggestions mentioned above, working in orthographic mode can mitigate a lot of these problems too. Not an option if you need to view a object from inside itself, but in most cases it makes rotating and zooming around a selection effortless.