Pivot point - object does not rotate about pivot on preview playbac

Pivot point - object does not rotate about pivot on preview playback, even though it looks like it’ll work when I manually rotate it. Keyframe also doesn’t solve the issue.

(Updated without the soft low key background guitar music )

Wow that is some shockingly annoying music behind that video. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, the reason that doesn’t work is because the pivot of the cube is actually the center. Since you are not setting a key on every frame for translation and rotation, the final result with interpolation will clip and drift.

The solution is to either move the origin of the cube to the edge you want to rotate around, or to parent the cube to a helper object (like an empty) that you place on the corner of the cube and then rotate that empty instead of the cube. :slight_smile:

I probably did it incorrectly. How do I move the origin to the edge? I fix the top concept animation using pivot point but that messes up the bottom pivot point rotation.

Tell me if the music in this video thrown together in garageband is also annoying… serious question … because I can then delete the track from my garageband library.

Music: I recently discovered garageband for iOS plus getting a copyright strike because I accidentally had Taylor Swift playing while recording with OBS on my PC while using my headphones connected to my iPad, and me not really like watching videos with no audio, I figured I’d throw something soft and mellow together in Garageband and use that as a background track. Sone people find music by Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Jay-Z, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Country music, etc annoying … What kind of music do you not find annoying? Maybe I just have bad taste in music because I listen to Taylor Swift and Celine Dion, pop, and modern country type music, including classical and jazz. Never cared to explore Metallica, Pink Floyd, or AC/DC, etc.

As you noticed you can’t animate the origin of the box. It can only exist at one location.

One solution is to use multiple empties for the different rotation points and parent them together in a backwards fashion. So the very last rotation point is last in the chain, then the second last rotation point then the first. In this manner you can animate the different empties in turn.

Another solution is to use a simple rig. The principle is the same as with the empties. Create bones for the different rotation points and parent them in same fashion as the empties.

From the way you keyframe it it seems to me you don’t really understand interpolation between keyframes. I think its wise to watch some beginner tutorials on animation and the graph editor to avoid running into issues even when you rig the cube so its able of performing the movements you want.

In regards to your music. I did not mean to offend or discourage you from making your own music. I simply disliked the first song. In my opinion music behind video’s such as this just eats bandwidth without adding anything of value.

Some people have data limits or visit this site on their mobile. Why would you add sound if its not used to clarify the issue at hand.That said if it makes you happy to put your own music behind your video’s then by all means keep doing so. :+1: I disliked the music behind the first video, the music behind your last video’s is fine.

Here’s my updated version using empties. All videos have no music.

Edit: I just figured out why vid BB and CC was doing that, I set the pivot point to individual Origins (I was googling about lining up vertices to edges or something and someone mentioned about setting the pivot point to ‘individual. )

  1. AA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orpOm_-lysI&feature=youtu.be
    Not sure if the process is correct, but it works for what I wanted to do… but when the same process (BB Video) is applied to an existing blender file with bouncing balls, etc beginner animations, the pivot is off. Could be the file itself and me messing up with other animations causing the issue, but not sure.

  2. BB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf1ZtaeEusw&feature=youtu.be

  3. CC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_dhLRhAYfE&feature=youtu.be
    ‘In this video, I was going to try to move the 3d cursor to the corner by deleting the cube and redoing it, but then the pivot parent thing from the get go is all messed up.

This particular pivot exercise that I’m doing (for myself) is simply something I thought about while doing the bouncing ball exercise. It is me just trying to extrapolate on what I learned, and figure out how the concept of ‘parent’ and ‘pivots’ work. I also threw something quick together without fiddling with the graphs.

Personally, knowing a bit about how the graph editor affects a bouncing ball, I actually prefer to fiddle with the graph editor to do the animation more so than using the dope sheet. Dope sheet is simply to get a really rough concept. I don’t know if that’s the proper way (or if my ‘animation terminologies’ are correct or to go about intermediate or advanced mechanics, but right now with just a bouncing ball, using the graph editor predominantly is pretty cool.

And yes, you’re right that I haven’t looked at much about interpolation. And the graph editor can be scary, which is why I have been fiddling with the graph editor to try to understand how the curves work. With that being said, isn’t animation just about timing and spacing of frames? Such as how far apart those key frames and in between frames are spaced apart? I simply randomly chose 4 points in the ‘timeline/dope sheet’ and keyed them because they reasonably looks fine for what I have in my head for what I want the cube to do. Didn’t feel the need to dip into the graph when trying to figure out how to parent/pivot, etc.

Off topic: I’m not a musician (so ‘I’m not really trying to create ‘my own music’) but just someone who happened to stumble onto apple’s Garageband free app that allows anyone to create music. Secondly, watching silent videos feels awkward. I’ve seen YouTube tutorials with no audio.

Plus, I consider these videos as notes for references (or future references) if needed if ‘I forget how to do them. Comes back to the previous point about watching silent videos. Maybe it’s just me, but I personally don’t use mobile data to watch videos.