Pivot point rotation

[SOLVED]: Use this addon by JuhaW http://www.pasteall.org/65987/python

Greetings guys! I’m wondering how to change the rotation of a pivot point in blender. In 3ds max, for instance, you can hit “Affect Pivot Only” button and change it’s position, rotation and everything. In Blender I am stuck with it. To be more exact, here’s the screenshot.
I need to set the Y axis to be at the top, instead of Z.


Hope you can help me!


There’s a little button at the bottom of the 3D viewer window…



I think the OP wants to change the local axis orientation of the object’s origin.

Before Blender 2.5 there was a script called “Axis Orientation Copy” that let you copy the arbitrary orientation of another object, but that functionality seems to be gone now. Sorry I don’t think there’s any way to do this now without taking a few steps to manipulate the geometry, eg by rotating the mesh in Edit mode, then rotating back in Object mode.

Y should look upwards, right?
Here a workaround (not as elegant as in max though):

Cursor to selected (Shift S)
Create new object (like a cube or a plane, doesn’t matter)
Rotate object in object mode, so that Y points upwards (make sure you are in Local Transformation mode).
Join the car geometry with that object (select object last), then delete the object geometry in Edit mode (select it with L)
Rename the car geometry as desired

Now its Local orientation has changed.

there was a thread with script written a few weeks ago on that !
cannot remember the name or link

someone must have it !

happy cl

Can’t find anything - tried several times.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!