Pivot Problem related to Bones

So I have rigged my character, but there is a problem with the eye. When I move the bone on the head, it messes up the procedural texture that I made for it because the texture relies on the pivot of the geometry. Click here to see the issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hm4Wa4HnvM6W7K4TVhU3YPkTOHcsDT5M/view?usp=sharing

How do I fix this so when I rotate the head bone the pivot of the mesh will follow the bone correctly? Any help will be appreciated.

Use object coordinates for your procedural texture. Use an Empty as the object, and parent it to the head bone

My procedural texture is already using object coordinates. When you say use Empty as an object, do you mean create an empty object in the scene? Then parent it to the head bone?

Yep, exactly, then set that Empty as the object in your Texture Coordinate node

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Thanks! It works, but I had to use a cube geometry instead of empty object. I don’t know why it won’t work with the empty object.

Strange, it should :thinking: oh well, glad you got it working!