Pixar and DreamWorks

Which is the software used by Pixar and DreamWorks?

Does anyone here know?

don’t know about dreamworks. Pixar has an in house soft called marionnette I think for animation. They probably use lots of different software, with bunches of plugins and other in house stuff. I highly doubt they just use one package.

Pixar has it’s own renderer called renderman, it’s what they use mainly.

They use software developed in-house and it’s hard to know more.

Pixar uses Menv for animation (this tool is publicly known as Marionette), Maya for modeling and of course RenderMan for rendering.

well i know its not on your list.

but WETA studios use’s Maya, and a number of inhouse tools like Massive and such.


Dreamworks uses Houdini, Maya, and Mental Ray, along with their own proprietary software.

Most large production companies use custom-built software and plugins. Some off-the-shelf selections of 3D software include:

  • Industrial Light and Magic (ILM): Softimage XSI
  • Moving Picture Company (MPC): Alias Maya
  • Sony Imageworks: Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Cinesite: Alias Maya, Maxon Bodypaint

They also use Zbrush2…mmm Zbrush… :slight_smile:

i tryed Zbrush it is cool

I don’t know if you meant exclusively animation software but they also use compositing software like shake and combustion. I think WETA use shake because I saw the logo at the end credits.

I’ve seen some Pixar work done with Houdini and Maya but they always use Renderman for output. I bet more people would use Blender if it had good RIB output. Maya used to have terrible Rib but there are now at least 2 ways to get RIB from it - pay Pixar $995 ( https://renderman.pixar.com/products/news/rfm1.0.html ) or get the free open source Maya plug-in called liquidmaya (WETA used this).

People could even use it in the middle of the pipeline as a translator between some other 3D format and RIB.

call me dumb puts on a dunce hat but whats RIB?

It stands for Renderman Interface Bytestream, it’s the scene format for Renderman compliant renderers. Like XML is the scene format for yafray. RIB is a standard format, which is why you get so many renderers able to render the files that adhere to it. So although yafray might be the only renderer than can accept the XML output from Blender, RIB output is supported by PRMan, 3delight, aqsis, tempest, BMRT/entropy and more, though there are issues with each renderer like how many features are supported.