"Pixar" Car scene continues :) :)

The modeling of the scene is finished and I´m really pleased with the outcome :slight_smile: I have just started to texture the all (a week work) :slight_smile:

Camera setup: Panoramic 180 degrees / Lens Focal 40.00
1920x1080 100%
Faces: 2680000

Rendering time as it is :slight_smile: 38 min (5000 samples) 32 Mb Ram and 2 Titan cards :slight_smile:

The final scene will be a mix between cartoon and realistic!


wow, i love that!

Thanks Doris :slight_smile:

looking good :slight_smile: the first one was great, so this most likely will too :wink:

That looks fantastic, can’t wait to see it textured :slight_smile: i’m sure you’ll make mince meat of the final render with sli titans!