Pixar catmull clark subdivion + sharpner crease papers

I don’t know if this is the research implemented in modo 501 “pixar subdivision surface”
Here are the link if any Dev one to see this.
direct link to paper: http://graphics.pixar.com/library/Geri/paper.pdf
limk to all research: http://graphics.pixar.com/library/

Catmull-Clark subdivision (And creasing) is actually the only one available in Blender (Other than “Simple”). So while Modo just got it, we’ve had it for years.

i dont think blender has pixar’s subdivision.

pixars cresing looks more accurate.

‘’ Pixar is currently trying to do the same thing with soft-crease (Catmull-Clark) subdivison surfaces’’

does this mean that Pixar wil maybe realese this as open source?

If Doo-Sabin subdivision were implemented, then it would be news.